The Digital Economics Master’s program is part of a government policy initiative and meets the urgent need for Algerian businesses to keep up with the global digital trend. The aim of this course is to train managers and experts specialising
in the digital economy and new technologies from the digital era in order to develop the digital economy.

This Master’s program is continually adapting to changes in the economic context and to the necessary digital transition of territories in order to better meet the needs of the market and of companies.

A foundational training in the following areas

Networked economic sectors

Digital transition

Digital ecosystem

Skills to acquire

At the end of this training, the graduating student will be able to :

Project management

Technical and organisational reporting

Mastery of advanced office automation and specialized software

Information monitoring

Career opportunities

Communication and marketing

Social Media Assistant, Digital Marketing Manager, Sales and Web Marketing Manager, Community Manager/Digital Communications Officer, E-marketer

Consulting and entrepreneurship

Expert analyst, Digital strategy consultant

Data and analytics

Digital expert, Datamining manager, Web analyst

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