The aim of the Master’s in Economics, Finance and Markets is to train specialists in coporate finance and market finance, prepared to take on board the global dimension of the problems to be dealt with and their strategic implications,
and open to the international environment.

The Master’s program covers various courses and provides students with useful knowledge in the fields of corporate strategy, corporate finance and market finance, so that they can quickly find their way into companies, whether they
are firms operating in the financial world, or in the strategic or financial management departments of any type of company.

A foundational training in the following areas

Corporate finance

Market finance

Financial products

Skills to acquire

At the end of this training, the graduating student will be able to :

Mastering the basics of finance and strategy theory

Modelling markets, agent behaviour, asset prices, investment flows and financial risks

Optimising financial decision-making processes

Carrying out a complex analysis of a company’s financial financial situation

Mastering financing techniques

Valueing a company

Analysing and interpreting financial and accounting data

Assessing and managing credit and exchange rate risks

Career opportunities

Corporate finance

Financial analyst, Corporate finance consultant, Financial Director, finance executive

Financial risk and portfolio management

Risk manager, Portfolio Manager, Credit analyst

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