Who is involved in Doctoral Trainings ?

Doctoral training (FD) 

       As part of the LMD system of doctoral training (FD), the doctorate is organized by the training team responsible for the corresponding masters programs. It can also be organized as a Doctoral School (Executive Decree No. 08-265 of August 19, 2008).

The Doctoral Schools are responsible for providing scientific and educational support for the training of doctoral students, in particular by organizing all kinds of activities (courses/seminars, summer schools, in-depth seminars, internships, etc.) to develop their scientific and technical skills.

The Doctoral Training Committee

       Each accredited Doctoral Training Programme is managed by its Doctoral Training Committee. This committee is made up of senior teacher-researchers (belonging to the accredited institution) who proposed the opening of the course. It may be expanded to include teacher-researchers and accredited researchers from within and outside the institution. These committees will be responsible for :

  • Identifying the Master’s degrees that will be eligible for registration in the competition,
  • Defining the pedagogical conditions for access to the competition, allowing for the preselection of candidates ;
  • Examining applications ;
  • Designing the written tests for the competition ;
  • Ensuring compliance with anonymity rules in the organization of the competition ;
  • Organizing and monitoring the competition, in coordination with the relevant administrative departments, until the results are announced ;
  • Monitoring and assessing doctoral students during their training ;
  • Approving the research topic proposed by the thesis director ;
  • Approving the composition of the doctoral thesis defense jury ;
  • Initiating all forms of research training for doctoral students (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) ;
  • Organizing the mobility of teachers and researchers involved in training and coordinating relations with training partners.

The Doctoral student and his/her supervisor

       The first actors in a doctoral program are, of course, the doctoral student and his/her supervisor (who is a teacher-researcher or a permanent researcher of magisterial rank authorized to supervise doctoral theses). Both are responsible for the research project and are assisted in their tasks by a range of administrative, educational, and research structures that work to ensure the organization and smooth progress of the training.
Doctoral students in the LMD system are required to fill in the doctoral student handbook and send a copy to the Doctoral Training Department. This measure is essential for the validation of their registration.