Oran Graduate School of Economics offers a wide range of Master’s programs in various fields of economics taught by expert teachers and practitioners. This combination of theoretical and practical teachings will enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and professional network to launch your career in Algeria and internationally.

Quality education and experience

The school is renowned for its quality education and experienced faculty. It offers strong and relevant study programs in various field of economics, allowing students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their professional careers.

Strong professional connections

The school maintains close ties with the professional world and local economic actors. It regularly organizes meetings, conferences, and internships, giving students the opportunity to develop their professional network and gain practical experience.

Diverse Career Opportunities

The Graduate School of Economics in Oran enjoys a good reputation among employers. Graduates of the school have numerous career opportunities in various fields such as finance, commerce, management, and public institutions.

first cycle Program

The preparatory training is spread over two years and is divided into four semesters. The courses provided cover the main theoretical and technical knowledge required for the second cycle and are grouped into four main units : mathematics, economics and management techniques, foreign languages and general culture.

Master’s Programs

The Master cycle is spread over a period of three year. The first year of the second cycle is a continuation of the two years of the preparatory cycle and
aims to consolidate and develop students’ knowledge with a view to a specialization in economics


The Digital Economics Master’s program is part of a government policy initiative and meets the urgent need for Algerian businesses to keep up with the global digital trend. The aim of this course is to train managers and experts specialising in the digital economy and new technologies from the digital era in order to develop the digital economy.


The aim of the “Economics of Organizations” master’s program is to train future senior executives in various economic sectors (companies, banks, administrations and other organisations). The content of the program provides insightful analysis and information on capital decisions, firm strategic direction and future market trends by combining rigorous study of market and economic principles with a deep understanding of the functionning and interconnections of the sector in question.


In a competitive, turbulent, and complex environment, organizations need to anticipate, secure, and influence their surroundings. The Oran Graduate School of Economics offers the “Master’s in Economic Intelligence and Competitive Strategies” to provide students with the necessary skills for the Algerian job market and meet the demand for economic intelligence (EI) expertise. The program equips students with a global perspective to develop businesses on a national and international scale, teaching them to adopt EI strategies based on external environmental analysis through the implementation of surveillance systems. Students also learn information management, risk prevention, crisis management, strategic influence, networking, and ethical considerations in the field of EI.


The aim of the Master’s in Economics, Finance and Markets is to train specialists in coporate finance and market finance, prepared to take on board the global dimension of the problems to be dealt with and their strategic implications, and open to the international environment.
The Master’s program covers various courses and provides students with useful knowledge in the fields of corporate strategy, corporate finance and market finance, so that they can quickly find their way into companies, whether they are firms operating in the financial world, or in the strategic or financial management departments of any type of company.


This master program is a unique course in the field of economics. Its aim is to give students the tools they need to contribute to thinking about modern energy-related issues : Energy efficiency, optimising consumption, the transition to renewable energy sources and environmental protection issues.

Testimonials from our master’s students

« I am grateful to the Oran Graduate School of Economics for this complete and stimulating educational experience. It enabled me to develop a wide range of skills in essential areas of the business world such as finance, management and accounting, but it was above all through computer science that I discovered my true passion for Business Intelligence. »


« Just yesterday I walked through the school gates for the first time, hesitantly embarking on this new chapter in my life. Today, I leave it with an unforgettable experience, precious memories and a decent education. A big thanks to the ESE ! » 


« My experience at the ESE has been an exciting chapter in my life. I was nurtured by an invaluable intellectual wealth, offering me unique opportunities for exploration and open-mindedness. Every day was a palette of knowledge and challenges, shaping my vision of the world and preparing me for a promising future. »