Research Laboratories

The research laboratories are the daily workspaces of lecturers and doctoral students. They provide the scientific environment for the doctoral project, including knowledge, expertise, networks, as well as the necessary physical environment such as facilities, research equipment, office.
In addition, doctoral students must be fully integrated into the life of the laboratory and participate in all its activities. They must comply with the internal rules and regulations, especially regarding safety and hygiene conditions.

The Oran Graduate School of Economics has a research laboratory, managed by a laboratory manager and a laboratory council :
LAMAPE Laboratory (Research in Analytical and Operational Methodological Applications in Economics), approved in 2020 and made up of 4 research teams

Laboratory director : Dr. DAOUD Fatiha

The research teams :

Team 1 : Digital Economy, Networks and Innovative Services, Team leader : DAOUD Fatiha

Team 2 : Research in Decision Mathematics and Statistics, Team leader : EL HAFFAF Amir

Team 3 : Digital Transition, Training and Employment, Team leader : BRAHAMI Mohammed Amine

Team 4 : Languages for University/Specific Purposes, Team leader : MAZOUZI Samia