In a competitive, turbulent, and complex environment, organizations must be capable of anticipating, securing, and influencing this environment. Hence the need to adopt economic intelligence (EI) as part of a cultural and public policy.
It is with this in mind that the Higher School of Economics in Oran has chosen to offer this program to its students, in order to meet the needs of the Algerian job market and provide the necessary skills for EI professions.

The Master’s program in “Economic Intelligence and Competitive Strategies” enables students to understand global challenges in order to develop businesses at both national and international levels. They learn to adopt an economic
intelligence strategy based on the external environment through the establishment of a monitoring system, and master the methods of monitoring and investigation to process, value, and transmit information. Students are also trained
to identify and mobilize available tools for strategic monitoring, master information systems and decision-making processes, manage information flows, and protect information. They learn to organize risk prevention and crisis management,
develop influence strategies and networking techniques, as well as strategic and geopolitical culture. Finally, they nurture ethical reflection on the profession.

A foundational training in the following areas

Fundamentals and global context of economic intelligence

Strategies, negotiation, and practical skills in economic intelligence

Skills, knowledge, and practice of economic intelligence

Skills to acquire

At the end of this training, the graduating student will be able to :

Definition of strategic projects and analysis of information needs.

Collection, processing, storage, and dissemination of diverse data related to the company.

Participation in a monitoring cell to stay informed about market trends and developments.

Creation of strategic information reports to support decision-making.

Contribution to the development of strategies and decision-making processes within the company, ministries, and local authorities.

Protection of strategic information within the company and management of risks related to digital identity and corporate reputation.

Career opportunities

Business and Strategy

Business analyst, Consultant, Strategic sales and marketing manager, Innovation manager, Growth hacker, …

Communication and Marketing

Public affairs consultant, Communication officer, Community manager, Marketing officer, Account manager, …

Data and Technology

Data scientist, Digital project manager, Sales engineer, Research analyst, business analyst, …

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