The Oran Graduate School of Economics is the result of the transformation of the Oran Preparatory School of Economics, Business and Management Sciences, which was established by the Executive Decree No. 10-161 of 28 June 2010, and is currently governed by the provisions of the Executive Decree No. 16-176 of 14 June 2016 and the Decree No. 17-85 of 15 February 2017.      

The Oran Graduate School of Economics has for main mission to provide higher education, scientific research and technological development in the various specialities of economics, from the preparatory cycle to the doctorate, within a framework rich in scientific, cultural, instructive, sporting and creative activities.

Through its rigorous training programs, its human resources, the high standards of its infrastructures, the quality of the learning provided and the prestigious courses offered, the Oran Graduate School of Economics aims to train the country’s future elite, by meeting the following objectives :

  • To ensure the training of the students in preparatory cycle in order to enable them to access to the second cycle studies ;
  • To ensure a training in the Master’s cycle in adequacy with the evolutions of the labor market and providing the essential tools for a successful integration within this one ;
  • To initiate and encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship ;
  • To contribute to the development of fundamental and applied research within companies ;

To participate with the international scientific community in the exchange of knowledge and its enrichment.